We Wish to thank Bonnie Beaudoin from Pacific Lutheran University, whose education students provided the following lesson plans.

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Chapter 1: Meeker Mansion History

Chapter 2: What happened to Ezra Meeker’s hops?

Chapter 3: Victorian Homes

Chapter 4: Letter from the Meekers

Chapter 5: The Oregon Trail

Chapter 6: Life in a wagon

Chapter 7: Letters from the Oregon Trail

Chapter 8: Washington/Oregon Territory Timeline

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Lesson Plan Format

  • Prior Experience/Skills are skills student should know before starting the lesson.
  • Duration is an approximate estimation for how long the lesson will last.
  • Standards are provided for each lesson plan. It also shows whether the standard is a Common Core, Social Studies or an Art standard.
  • A learning outcome is the main goal students should walk away with after completing the lesson; it is connected to the standard.
  • The learning target is for students. The target is in student friendly language, and it is what students will accomplish for the lesson.  The learning target is connected to learning outcome.
  • Assessment Strategies provide some possible ideas of how a teacher might assess students for the lesson. A formative assessment is ongoing throughout the lesson, and a summative assessment is usually given at the end of a lesson that embodies the whole lesson.
  • Academic Language provides any vocabulary words that might come up during a lesson. Function and form are what students will be doing during the lesson.
  • Language supports provide extra scaffolding for students. Language supports may be graphic organizers, visuals, extra information on a topic; anything that provides extra help or information for students to refer to.
  • Accommodations or Modifications are for students who might need additional support, it might be that some students cannot work with each other and therefore cannot be in the same group together. Teachers will be able to decide if any of his/hers students need any kind of accommodation or modification.
  • Materials are all the supplies students and teachers need for the lesson.
  • The teaching plan is an outline of how a teacher might teach the lesson. It includes how to open and close a lesson, the time it will take for each step, what the students and teachers should be doing during the lesson, and where and what assessments should be happening.  Teachers do not have to follow the teaching plan; they might find a different way to teach the lesson that fits better with their teaching style.
Educational Tours, Puyallup Meeker Mansion